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Important Note Regarding Recreational and Cultural Interest Signs On This Website

The recreational and cultural interest sign images shown on this website were created in 1996-1997, and were current as of the 1988 MUTCD. Due to space constraints on the old AOL server, and to ensure fast loading/viewing, the only sign images offered were 50 x 50 and 200 x 200 GIF images (no PDFs or layouts).

It was planned to do a full revamp of the recreational & cultural sign section of the website after the issuance of the 2003 MUTCD. However, other projects and other obligations popped up, and this work just didn't get done as anticipated.

Then another significant development: When FHWA issued the new draft edition of the MUTCD for public comment in January 2008, they proposed a completely revised set of recreational & cultural interest signs, with a new system of sign designations and new symbology based on designs developed by SEGD and others.

However, the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD), along with several state DOTs and other experts, have raised concerns about the proposed new symbols. The main concern is that these symbols were developed for viewing by stationary undistracted readers in locations such as hallways and airports, and may not be fully legible or effective at roadway speeds under typical driver distractions and workloads. Due to there objections, there is a possibility that FHWA might not adopt some or all of these new signs.

Until any new signs are formally adopted by FHWA and published as part of a new edition of the MUTCD, the older signs (as shown in the 2003 MUTCD and in this website) are the 'official' signs.

Once the next edition of the MUTCD is published, and we know what the new signs will look like, then the site will be revamped (I hope...)

New set of recreational and cultural interest signs as proposed by FHWA in the draft MUTCD (350K PDF)

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