Manual of Traffic Signs

Where Did That Webpage Go?

When the Manual of Traffic Signs first opened in 1996, it was hosted on AOL's web servers.

When the Manual was expanded and revamped starting in 2005, the new material was hosted on the new website at, and the old pages on AOL were taken down one by one.

However, due to a busy schedule and other obligations, I didn't get the opportunity to revamp all the content (most of it, but not all).

On October 30, 2008, AOL discontinued their web hosting service, and shut down their hosting web servers. When this happened, the Manual of Traffic Signs webpages for the items I hadn't reworked yet were no longer available.

As I have time, I am currently working on all-new sign images and webpages for the missing content. I'm hoping to have these items available again soon, in a much improved format.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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