Manual of Traffic Signs

How Did The Sign Images Get Created?

In this new version of the Manual of Traffic Signs, all word legend signs, and nearly all symbol signs (except for some of the older recreational & cultural interest signs) were drawn from scratch in Macromedia (now Adobe) Freehand, to exact size, scale, and color, using the layouts found in the FHWA Standard Highway Signs book or the ADOT Manual of Approved Signs. Although the Freehand graphics software package is no longer fully supported by Adobe, it still runs in Mac OS 9 / Classic and Windows XP, and still creates high-quality images quite suitable for websites such as this one.

The font used for word legends is the the Pixymbols series of fonts created by Page Studio Graphics of Oro Valley, Arizona. These fonts are accurate replicas of the Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs defined by FHWA.

These full-size drawings were then scaled down to fit on a standard size page in Freehand, and then captured in GIF and PDF format. I then took each of the GIFs and scaled them to 100 and pixel size images using Graphic Converter for Macintosh (a wonderful shareware image manipulation product).

I then wrote up the HTML coding for each webpage in a text editor, and as each section was complete I uploaded it to the website. I intentionally keep the HTML coding as simple as I can, in order to provide fast-loading and clear pages that display well on all ranges of browsers and platforms. While the pages may not have all the fancy tables, sidebars, bells, and whistles of other websites, they do provide fast and convenient viewing with very few display or compatibility problems.

The first version of this website appeared in 1996, and it's been undergoing improvements ever since. The new domain created in 2005 allowed for far more server and storage capacity than the older hosting on AOL, which has allowed the addition of larger images, PDF files of each sign, and inclusion of the actual layout pages from the Standard Highway Signs book for each sign.

...and about the time I get through with catching up with everything, FHWA will probably issue a new version of the MUTCD, and off we go again...

Note: This website has no connection whatsoever with Page Studio Graphics, except as a satisfied customer.

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