Manual of Traffic Signs
Alphabetical Index of Signs

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180 Degree (Hairpin) Curve W1-11(L&R)
24 Hour (plaque) D9-20aP
270 Degree (Loop) Curve W1-15(L&R)

Added Lane W4-3(L&R)
Adopt A (Roadway) (Distance) Maintained By (Sponsor) D14-2
Adopt A (Roadway) Sponsored By (Sponsor) D14-3
Advance Angle Turn (Auxiliary) M5-2(L&R)
Advance Roundabout Left Turn (Auxiliary) M5-3
Advance Street Name D3-2
Advance Turn (Auxiliary) M5-1(L&R)
Advisory Exit Speed W13-2
Advisory Exit Speed (Modified For Preferential Lane Barrier) W13-2 (Modified)
Advisory Ramp Speed W13-3
Advisory Speed (plaque) W13-1P
Ahead (plaque) (for use with R3-17) R3-17aP
Ahead (warning plaque) W16-9P
Airport I-5
All Lanes (plaque) (for use with W1 and W24 series signs) W24-1cP
All Traffic Must Exit W19-5
All Turns (Arrow) R3-25
All Turns (Diagonal Arrow) R3-24
All Turns From Right Lane R3-23
All Way (plaque) R1-3P
All Year (plaque) S4-7P
Alt (Auxiliary) M4-1a
Alternate (Auxiliary) M4-1
Ambulance Station (plaque) D9-13bP
America's Byways (large) D6-4
America's Byways (small) D6-4a
Area Closed EM-2
At Signal (plaque) (for use with R10-12) R10-31P
Authorized Vehicles Only R5-11
Axle Weight Limit R12-2

Be Prepared to Stop W3-4
Bear W11-16
Begin (Auxiliary) M4-14
Begin (plaque) (for use with R3-9b) R3-9cP
Begin Daytime Headlight Section R16-10
Begin Higher Fines Zone R2-10
Begin Left Turn Lane R3-20L
Begin One Way R6-6
Begin Reverse Lane (Overhead) R3-9h
Begin Right Turn Lane R3-20R
Begin Right Turn Lane Yield To Bikes R4-4
Bicycle (warning) W11-1
Bicycle & Pedestrian W11-15
Bicycle All Turns From Bike Lane R9-23
Bicycle Destination (Arrow) (1 direction) D1-1b
Bicycle Destination and Distance (Arrow) (1 direction) D1-1c
Bicycle Destinations (Arrows) (2 directions) D1-2b
Bicycle Destinations (Arrows) (3 directions) D1-3b
Bicycle Destinations and Distances (Arrows) (2 directions) D1-2c
Bicycle Destinations and Distances (Arrows) (3 directions) D1-3c
Bicycle Left Turn Box (Left Downward Diagonal Arrow) D11-20aL
Bicycle Left Turn May Use Turn Box D11-20L
Bicycle Left Turn Must Use Turn Box R9-23aL
Bicycle Left Turn Must Use Turn Box (Arrow) R9-23bL
Bicycle Parking (Arrow) D4-3
Bicycle Push Button For Green Light R10-24
Bicycle Push Button For Green Light (Arrow) R10-26
Bicycle Right Turn Box (Right Downward Diagonal Arrow) D11-20aR
Bicycle Right Turn May Use Turn Box D11-20R
Bicycle Right Turn Must Use Turn Box R9-23aR
Bicycle Right Turn Must Use Turn Box (Arrow) R9-23bR
Bicycle Route (Local Numbered With Pictograph) M1-8a
Bicycle Route (Local Numbered) M1-8
Bicycle Signal R10-10b
Bicycle Surface Condition W8-10
Bicycle Wrong Way R5-1b
Bicycles May Use Full Lane R4-11
Bicycles Permitted D11-1a
Bicycles Use Ped Signal R9-5
Bicycles Yield To Peds R9-6
Bicycles/Peds Keep (Left/Right) (Shared-use Path Restriction) R9-7
Bighorn Sheep W11-18
Bike Lane R3-17
Bike Route D11-1
Bike Route (Destination) D11-1c
Bike Route (plaque) D11-1bP
Blasting Zone (Distance) W22-1
Brake Check Area (Diagonal Arrow) D5-14
Brake Check Area (Distance) D5-13
Bridge Ices Before Road W8-13
Bridge Out Ahead Local Traffic Only R11-3b
Bump W8-1
Bus Lane (plaque) (for use with R3-5, R3-6 series signs) R3-5gP
Bus Lane Ahead (Overhead) R3-15d
Bus Lane Ahead (Post-mount) R3-12f
Bus Lane Ends (Distance) (Post-mount) R3-12h
Bus Lane Ends (Overhead) R3-15e
Bus Lane Ends (Post-mount) R3-12g
Bus Station I-6
Buses - Taxis Only (Days & Times) (Overhead) R3-14c
Buses Only Lane (Days & Times) (Post-mount) R3-11b
Business (Auxiliary) M4-3
By-Pass (Auxiliary) M4-2

Camping D9-3
Carpool Information D12-2
Carpool Lane Signs - see HOV
Cattle W11-4
Center Lane (Auxiliary) M5-5
Center Lane (plaque) (for use with R3-5, R3-6 series signs) R3-5eP
Center Lane Closed (Distance) W20-5C
Center Lane Closed Ahead W9-3
Center Lane Light Rail Only R15-4c
Chain Up Area (Diagonal Arrow) D5-16
Chain Up Area (Distance) D5-15
Channel 9 Monitored D12-3
Check Headlights R16-9
Chemical Shelter (Distance) (Arrow) EM-7d
Chevron Alignment W1-8(L&R)
City Limit I-2
Citywide (plaque) R2-5aP
Combination Curve / Advisory Speed W1-2a(L&R)
Combination Curve / Cross Road Intersection W1-10a(L&R)
Combination Curve / Cross Road Intersection (Tangent From Side) W1-10c(L&R)
Combination Curve / Side Road Intersection W1-10(L&R)
Combination Curve / Side Road Intersection (Tangent) W1-10b(L&R)
Combination Junction M2-2
Combination Lane Use / Destination D15-1
Combination Loop Curve / Exit Speed W13-6
Combination Loop Curve / Ramp Speed W13-7
Combination Reverse Curve / Cross Road Intersection W1-10e(L&R)
Combination Reverse Curve / Side Road Intersection W1-10d(L&R)
Combination Turn / Advisory Speed W1-1a(L&R)
Compressed Natural Gas D9-11a
County Route M1-6
Cross Only At Crosswalks R9-2
Cross Only On Green R10-1
Cross Only On Walk Signal R10-2
Cross Road Intersection W2-1
Cross Traffic Does Not Stop (plaque) W4-4P
Crossover (Arrow) D13-1
Crossover (Distance) D13-2
Crosswalk Stop On Red R10-23
Curve W1-2(L&R)

Days & Times (plaque) (for use with R10-11 series) R10-20aP
Days of Week (plaque) S4-6P
Dead End W14-1
Dead End (Arrow) (for use with Street Name sign) W14-1a(L&R)
Decontamination Center (Arrow) EM-6d
Deer W11-3
Destination (Arrow) (1 direction) D1-1
Destination (Diagonal Arrow) (for use at circular intersections) D1-1d
Destination and Distance (Arrow) (1 direction) D1-1a
Destinations (Arrows) (2 directions) D1-2
Destinations (Arrows) (2 directions) (for use at circular intersections) D1-2d
Destinations (Arrows) (3 directions) D1-3
Destinations (Arrows) (3 directions) (for use at circular intersections) D1-3d
Destinations and Distances (Arrows) (2 directions) D1-2a
Destinations and Distances (Arrows) (3 directions) D1-3a
Detour (Arrow) M4-9(L&R)
Detour (Auxiliary) M4-8
Detour (Bicycle) M4-9c(L&R)
Detour (Distance) W20-2
Detour (Pedestrian & Bicycle) M4-9a(L&R)
Detour (Pedestrian) M4-9b(L&R)
Detour Arrow M4-10(L&R)
Diagonal Side Road Intersection W2-3(L&R)
Diagonal Turn Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-2(L&R)
Diesel Fuel D9-11
Dip W8-2
Distance (1 destination) D2-1
Distance (2 destinatios) D2-2
Distance (3 destinations) D2-3
Distance Between Highway And Tracks Behind You W10-11b
Distance Between Tracks And Highway W10-11a
Distance Feet (1 line) (plaque) W16-2aP
Distance Feet (2 line) (plaque) W16-2P
Distance Miles (1 line) (plaque) W16-3aP
Distance Miles (2 line) (plaque) W16-3P
Divided Highway W6-1
Divided Highway (Rail) R15-7
Divided Highway (Rail) (T Intersection) R15-7a
Divided Highway Crossing R6-3
Divided Highway Crossing (T Intersection) R6-3a
Divided Highway Ends W6-2
Do Not Block Intersection R10-7
Do Not Drive On Shoulder R4-17
Do Not Drive On Tracks R15-6a
Do Not Enter R5-1
Do Not Pass R4-1
Do Not Pass On Shoulder R4-18
Do Not Pass Stopped Train R15-5a
Do Not Stop On Tracks R8-8
Donkey W11-19
Double Arrow W12-1
Double Reverse Curve (1 lane) W24-1(L&R)
Double Reverse Curve (2 lanes) W24-1a(L&R)
Double Reverse Curve (3 lanes) W24-1b(L&R)
Double Side Road Intersection W2-8(L&R)
Downward Diagonal Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-2a(L&R)
Downward Diagonal Arrow (plaque) W16-7P(L&R)
Draw Bridge W3-6
Dump Station D9-12

East (Auxiliary) M3-2
Eisenhower Interstate System M1-10
Electric Vehicle Charging D9-11b
Electric Vehicle Charging (plaque) D9-11bP
Electronic Toll Collection Only (Auxiliary) M4-20
Elk W11-20
Emergency Call 911 D12-4
Emergency Evacuation Route EM-1
Emergency Medical Care (plaque) D9-13cP
Emergency Medical Services D9-13
Emergency Parking Only R8-4
Emergency Shelter (Distance) (Arrow) EM-7a
Emergency Signal R10-13
Emergency Signal Ahead (plaque) (for use with W11-8) W11-12P
Emergency Signal Stop On Flashing Red (Overhead) R10-14a
Emergency Signal Stop On Flashing Red (Post-mount) R10-14
Emergency Snow Route R7-203
Emergency Stopping Only R8-7
Emergency Vehicle W11-8
End (Auxiliary) M4-6
End (Auxiliary) (for temporary or detour use) M4-8b
End (plaque) (for use with R3-9b) R3-9dP
End Blasting Zone W22-3
End Daytime Headlight Section R16-11
End Detour M4-8a
End Higher Fines Zone R2-11
End One Way R6-7
End Reverse Lane (Overhead) R3-9g
End Reverse Lane Turn Only (Overhead) R3-9i
End Road Work G20-2
End School Speed Limit S5-3
End School Zone S5-2
End Work Zone Speed Limit R2-12
Ends (plaque) (for use with R3-17) R3-17bP
Enhanced Reference Location D10-4
Entering Roadway Added Lane W4-6(L&R)
Entering Roadway Merge W4-5(L&R)
Equestrian W11-7
Equestrians Permitted D11-4
Ethanol D9-11c
Evacuation Route EM-1
Exact Change M4-18
Except (Days) (plaque) R8-3bP
Except Bicycles (plaque) R3-7bP
Except On Shoulder (plaque) R8-3fP
Except Right Turn (plaque) R1-10P
Excess Oil (plaque) (for use with W8-5) W8-5cP
Exempt (plaque) R15-3P
Exempt (plaque) (for use with W10 series signs) W10-1aP
Express Lane Ends (Distance) (Post-mount) R3-42a
Express Lane Ends (Overhead) R3-45
Express Lane Ends (Post-mount) R3-42
Express Lane Toll Rate (Overhead) R3-48
Express Lane Toll Rate / HOV No Toll (Overhead) R3-48a
Express Restriction Ends (Distance) (Post-mount) R3-42c
Express Restriction Ends (Overhead) R3-45a
Express Restriction Ends (Post-mount) R3-42b
Expressway Ends W19-4
Expressway Ends (Distance) W19-2

Fallen Rocks W8-14
Fallout Shelter (Distance) (Arrow) EM-7c
Farm Equipment W11-5
Farm Equipment (Alternate) W11-5a
Fender Bender Move Vehicles From Travel Lanes R16-4
Fines Double (plaque) R2-6aP
Fines Higher (plaque) R2-6P
Fire Station W11-8
Flagger (Distance) W20-7a
Flagger (symbol) W20-7
Flood Depth Gauge W8-19
Fog Area W8-22
Food D9-8
Freeway Ends W19-3
Freeway Ends (Distance) W19-1
Freeway Entrance D13-3
Freeway Entrance (Downward Diagonal Arrow) D13-3a
Fresh Oil (Tar) W21-2

Gas D9-7
General Services (symbols) D9-18
General Services (word message) D9-18a
General Services With Action / Exit Information (symbols) D9-18b
General Services with Action / Exit Information (word message) D9-18c
Geographic Feature I-3
Go On Slow R1-8
Golf Cart W11-11
Gravel (plaque) (for use with W7-4 series signs) W7-4eP
Grooved Pavement W8-15
Gusty Winds Area W8-21

Hairpin (180 Degree) Curve W1-11(L&R)
Handicapped (warning) W11-9
Handicapped Accessible D9-6
Hazardous Material Permitted R14-2
Hazardous Material Prohibited R14-3
Hill W7-1
Hill (Bicycle) W7-5
Hill (Percent Grade) W7-1a
Hill Blocks View W7-6
Horse W11-22
Horse-Drawn Vehicle W11-14
Hospital D9-2
Hospital (plaque) D9-13aP
HOV (plaque) W16-11P
HOV (plaque) (for use with R3-5, R3-6, R3-8 series signs) R3-5cP
HOV Begins (Distance) (Overhead) R3-15a
HOV Definition (Days & Times) (Overhead) R3-13a
HOV Definition (Overhead) R3-13
HOV Lane Ends (Distance) (Post-mount) R3-12b
HOV Lane Ends (Overhead) R3-15b
HOV Lane Ends (Post-mount) R3-12a
HOV Occupancy Definition (Post-mount) R3-10
HOV Only (Days & Times) (Overhead) R3-14
HOV Only (Days & Times) (Overhead) R3-14a
HOV Only (Days & Times) (Post-mount) R3-11
HOV Only (Overhead) R3-14b
HOV Only Lane (Days & Times) (Post-mount) R3-11a
HOV Only Lane (Distance) (Post-mount) R3-12e
HOV Only Lane 24 Hours (Post-mount) R3-11c
HOV Only Lane Ahead (Overhead) R3-15
HOV Only Lane Ahead (Post-mount) R3-12
HOV Restriction Ends (Distance) (Post-mount) R3-12d
HOV Restriction Ends (Overhead) R3-15c
HOV Restriction Ends (Post-mount) R3-12c
Hurricane Shelter (Distance) (Arrow) EM-7b

Ice (plaque) (for use with W8-5) W8-5aP
ILEV Allowed (Post-mount) R3-10a
In-Street Pedestrian Crossing (Stop) R1-6a
In-Street Pedestrian Crossing (Yield) R1-6
In-Street School Crossing (Stop) R1-6c
In-Street School Crossing (Yield) R1-6b
Intermediate Enhanced Reference Location D10-5
Intermediate Reference Location (2 digits) D10-1a
Intermediate Reference Location (3 digits) D10-2a
Intermediate Reference Location (4 digits) D10-3a
Intersection W2-1
Intersection Lane Control (2 lane) R3-8
Intersection Lane Control (2 Lane, Roundabout) R3-8
Intersection Lane Control (3 lane) R3-8a
Intersection Lane Control (3 Lane) (Left / Straight / Right) R3-8b
Interstate Bicycle Route M1-9
Interstate Business Loop M1-2
Interstate Business Spur M1-3
Interstate Oasis D5-12
Interstate Oasis (plaque) D5-12P
Interstate Route (No State Name) M1-1
Interstate Route (With State Name) M1-1

Junction (Auxiliary) M2-1
Jurisdictional Boundary I-2

Keep Left R4-8
Keep Left (Diagonal Arrow) R4-8b
Keep Left (Horizontal Arrow) R4-8a
Keep Left (Narrow) R4-8c
Keep Off Median R11-1
Keep Right R4-7
Keep Right (Diagonal Arrow) R4-7b
Keep Right (Horizontal Arrow) R4-7a
Keep Right (Narrow) R4-7c
Keep Right Except To Pass R4-16

Lane Ends W4-2(L&R)
Lane Ends (Modified For Preferential Lane Barrier) W4-2(L&R) (Modified)
Lane Ends Merge Left W9-2L
Lane Ends Merge Right W9-2R
Last Exit Before Toll (plaque) W16-16P
Left Lane (Auxiliary) M5-4
Left Lane (plaque) (for use with R3-5, R3-6 series signs) R3-5bP
Left Lane Closed (Distance) W20-5L
Left Lane Ends W9-1L
Left Lane Exit Only Ahead W9-7L
Left Lane Light Rail Only R15-4b
Left Lane Must Exit R3-33
Left Lane Must Turn Left R3-7L
Left Lanes Closed (Multiple Lanes) (Distance) W20-5aL
Left On Green Arrow Only R10-5
Left Shoulder Closed W21-5aL
Left Shoulder Closed (Distance) W21-5bL
Left Turn Signal R10-10L
Left Turn Yield On Flashing Red Arrow After Stop R10-27
Left Turn Yield On Green R10-12
Library I-8
Light Rail Do Not Pass R15-5
Light Rail Station I-12
Light Rail Transit Approaching (blankout) W10-7
Lights On When Raining R16-6
Lights On When Using Wipers R16-5
Litter Container D9-4
Loading Zone (plaque) R8-3gP
Lodging D9-9
Look R15-8
Loop (270 Degree) Curve W1-15(L&R)
Loose Gravel W8-7
Low Clearance W12-2
Low Clearance (Overhead) W12-2a
Low Ground Clearance W10-5
Low Ground Clearance (plaque) (for use with W10-5) W10-5P
Low Shoulder W8-9

Maintain Top Safe Speed EM-4
Managed Lane HOV Definition (Overhead) R3-43
Managed Lane HOV Definition (Post-mount) R3-40
Medical Center (Arrow) EM-6a
Merge W4-1(L&R)
Merge (Modified For Preferential Lane Barrier) W4-1(L&R) (Modified)
Metal Bridge Deck W8-16
Milepost (1 digit) D10-1
Milepost (Intermediate - 2 digits) D10-1a
Milepost (2 digits) D10-2
Milepost (Intermediate - 3 digits) D10-2a
Milepost (3 digits) D10-3
Milepost (Intermediate - 4 digits) D10-3a
Milepost (Enhanced) D10-4
Milepost (Intermediate Enhanced) D10-5
Minimum Speed (plaque) R2-4P
Moose W11-21
Motorcycle (plaque) (for use with W8 series signs) W8-15P
Motorcycles Allowed (plaque) R3-11P
Mowing (Distance) W21-8

Narrow Bridge W5-2
National Forest Route M1-7
National Network Permitted R14-4
National Network Prohibited R14-5
Neighborhood (plaque) R2-5bP
New (plaque) W16-15P
New Traffic Pattern Ahead W23-2
Next (Distance) Feet (plaque) W16-4P
Next (Distance) Miles (plaque) (for use with W7 series signs) W7-3aP
Next Crossing (plaque) (for use with W10 series signs) W10-14P
Next Rest Area (Distance) D5-6
Next Services (Distance) (plaque) D9-17P
Next Truck Lane (Distance) D17-1
Night Speed (plaque) R2-3P
No Bicycles R5-6
No Cash (Auxiliary) M4-16
No Center Line W8-12
No Commercial Vehicles R5-4
No Equestrians R9-14
No Gates or Lights (plaque) (for use with W10 series signs) W10-13P
No Hitchhiking (symbol) R9-4
No Hitchhiking (word message) R9-4a
No Left Or U Turn R3-18
No Left Turn R3-2
No Left Turn Across Tracks (blankout) R3-2a
No Merge Area (plaque) W4-5P
No Motor Vehicles R5-3
No Motor Vehicles On Tracks (symbol) R15-6
No Motor-Driven Cycles R5-8
No Non-Motorized Traffic R5-7
No Outlet W14-2
No Outlet (Arrow) (for use with Street Name sign) W14-2a(L&R)
No Parking (symbol) R8-3
No Parking (symbol) (Times) R7-2
No Parking (symbol) Bike Lane R7-9a
No Parking (Times) R7-2a
No Parking (word message) R8-3a
No Parking / Restricted Parking Combo (Side By Side) R7-200
No Parking / Restricted Parking Combo (Stacked) R7-200a
No Parking Any Time R7-1
No Parking Bike Lane R7-9
No Parking Bus Stop R7-7
No Parking Bus Stop R7-107
No Parking Except (Days) R7-3
No Parking Except On Shoulder R8-2
No Parking Loading Zone R7-6
No Parking On Pavement R8-1
No Parking Transit Logo R7-107a
No Passing Zone W14-3
No Pedestrian Crossing R9-3a
No Pedestrians R5-10c
No Pedestrians R9-3
No Pedestrians Bicycles Motor Driven Cycles R5-10a
No Pedestrians Or Bicycles R5-10b
No Right Turn R3-1
No Right Turn Across Tracks (blankout) R3-1a
No Shoulder W8-23
No Skaters R9-13
No Standing Any Time R7-4
No Stopping Except On Shoulder R8-6
No Stopping On Pavement R8-5
No Thru Movement R3-27
No Traffic Signs (for use on low volume roads) W18-1
No Train Horn W10-9
No Train Horn (plaque) (for use with W10 series signs) W10-9P
No Trucks (symbol) R5-2
No Trucks (word message) R5-2a
No Trucks Over Empty Weight R12-3
No Turn On Red R10-11a
No Turn On Red R10-11b
No Turn On Red (Symbol) R10-11
No Turn On Red Except From Right Lane R10-11c
No Turn On Red From This Lane R10-11d
No Turns R3-3
No U Turn R3-4
No Vehicles With Lugs R5-5
North (Auxiliary) M3-1
Notice (plaque) W16-18P
Number Of Tracks (plaque) R15-2P

Offset Side Road Intersection W2-7(L&R)
On Bridge (plaque) R8-3dP
On Pavement (plaque) R8-3cP
On Ramp (plaque) W13-4P
On Tracks (plaque) R8-3eP
Oncoming Traffic Does Not Stop (plaque) W4-4bP
Oncoming Traffic Has Extended Green W25-1
Oncoming Traffic May Have Extended Green W25-2
One Direction Large Arrow W1-6(L&R)
One Hour Parking (Times) R7-5
One Lane Bridge W5-3
One Lane Road (Distance) W20-4
One Way (Arrow) R6-2(L&R)
One Way (In Arrow) R6-1(L&R)
Opposing Traffic Divider W6-4
Optional Movement (Straight and Left or Right) R3-6(L&R)

Park - Ride D4-2
Parking (Limit & Time) R7-23a
Parking Area D4-1
Parking Fee Station R7-20
Pass With Care R4-2
Path Narrows W5-4a
Paved (plaque) (for use with W7-4 series signs) W7-4fP
Pavement Ends W8-3
Pay Parking R7-21
Pay Parking R7-22
Pay Parking (Time Limit) R7-21a
Pay Parking (Times) R7-23
Pay Toll (Distance) (Price) W9-6
Pay Toll (Distance) (Price) (plaque) W9-6P
Pay Toll (plaque) R3-29P
Pedestrian W11-2
Pedestrian Crossing (In-Street) (Stop) R1-6a
Pedestrian Crossing (In-Street) (Yield) R1-6
Pedestrian Crossing (Overhead) (Stop) R1-9a
Pedestrian Crossing (Overhead) (Yield) R1-9
Pedestrian Crosswalk R9-8
Pedestrian Signal Information (Countdown) R10-3e
Pedestrian Signal Information (Countdown) (Street Name) R10-3i
Pedestrian Signal Information (Symbol) R10-3b
Pedestrian Signal Information (Symbol) (Street Name) R10-3f
Pedestrian Signal Information (Two-Stage Crossing) R10-3d
Pedestrian Signal Information (Two-Stage Crossing) (Street Name) R10-3h
Pedestrian Signal Information (Walk/Dont Walk) R10-3c
Pedestrian Signal Information (Walk/Dont Walk) (Street Name) R10-3g
Pedestrians Permitted D11-2
Percent Grade (Distance) Miles (plaque) W7-3bP
Percent Grade (plaque) W7-3P
Pharmacy D9-20
Photo Enforced (symbol) (plaque) R10-19P
Photo Enforced (symbol) (plaque) W16-10P
Photo Enforced (word message) (plaque) R10-19aP
Photo Enforced (word message) (plaque) W16-10aP
Pilot Car Follow Me G20-4
Playground W15-1
Police D9-14
Propane Gas D9-15
Push Button For Extra Crossing Time (plaque) R10-32P
Push Button For Green R10-4
Push Button For Walk Signal R10-3
Push Button To Cross Street Wait For Green R10-4a
Push Button To Cross Street Wait For Walk Signal R10-3a
Push Button To Turn On Warning Lights R10-25


Railroad Crossing R15-1
Railroad Crossing (On Crossroad) W10-2(L&R)
Railroad Crossing (On Side of T Intersection) W10-4(L&R)
Railroad Crossing (On Side Road) W10-3(L&R)
Railroad Crossing Storage Space W10-11
Railroad Crossing Warning W10-1
Railroad Emergency Notification I-13
Railroad Station I-7
Ramp Meter Ahead W3-7
Ramp Metered When Flashing W3-8
Ramp Narrows W5-4
Recycling Collection Center I-11
Reduced School Speed Limit Ahead S4-5
Reduced Speed Limit Ahead W3-5
Reference Location (1 digit) D10-1
Reference Location (2 digits) D10-2
Reference Location (3 digits) D10-3
Registration Center (Arrow) EM-6c
Reserved Parking (Accessible) R7-8
Residential (plaque) R2-5cP
Rest Area (Diagonal Arrow) D5-2
Rest Area (Diagonal Arrow) (for use in exit gore) D5-2a
Rest Area (Distance) D5-1
Rest Area (Horizontal Arrow) D5-5
Rest Area Next Right D5-1a
Rest Area Tourist Info Center (Diagonal Arrow) D5-8
Rest Area Tourist Info Center (Distance) D5-7
Rest Area Tourist Info Center Next Right D5-11
Reverse Curve W1-4(L&R)
Reverse Curve (2 lanes) W1-4b(L&R)
Reverse Curve (3 lanes) W1-4c(L&R)
Reverse Turn W1-3(L&R)
Reversible Lane Control (Overhead) R3-9e
Reversible Lane Control (Post-mount) R3-9f
Ride With Traffic (plaque) (for use with R5-1b) R9-3cP
Right Lane (Auxiliary) M5-6
Right Lane (plaque) (for use with R3-5, R3-6 series signs) R3-5fP
Right Lane Closed (Distance) W20-5R
Right Lane Ends W9-1R
Right Lane Exit Only Ahead W9-7R
Right Lane Light Rail Only R15-4a
Right Lane Must Exit R3-33
Right Lane Must Turn Right R3-7R
Right Lanes Closed (Multiple Lanes) (Distance) W20-5aR
Right On Green Arrow Only R10-5a
Right On Red Arrow After Stop R10-17a
Right Shoulder Closed W21-5aR
Right Shoulder Closed (Distance) W21-5bR
Right Turn On Red Must Yield To U-turn R10-30
Right Turn Signal R10-10R
River I-3
Road Closed R11-2
Road Closed (Distance) W20-3
Road Closed Ahead Local Traffic Only R11-3a
Road Closed To Thru Traffic R11-4
Road Machinery (Distance) W21-3
Road May Flood W8-18
Road Narrows W5-1
Road Use Permit Required For Thru Traffic EM-5
Road Work (Distance) W20-1
Road Work Next (Distance) G20-1
Roadway Sponsored By (Sponsor) (Distance) D14-1
Rough Crossing (plaque) (for use with W10 series signs) W10-15P
Rough Road W8-8
Roundabout (plaque) W16-17P
Roundabout Advance Left Turn (Auxiliary) M5-3
Roundabout Circulation (plaque) R6-5P
Roundabout Diagrammatic D1-5
Roundabout Directional (2 Chevrons) R6-4
Roundabout Directional (3 Chevrons) R6-4a
Roundabout Directional (4 Chevrons) R6-4b
Roundabout Intersection W2-6
Route / Direction / Destination (Diagonal Arrow) (for use at circular intersections) D1-1e
Runaway Truck Ramp (Arrow) W7-4b(L&R)
Runaway Truck Ramp (Distance) W7-4
Runaway Vehicles Only R4-10
RV Sanitary Station D9-12

Sand (plaque) (for use with W7-4 series signs) W7-4dP
School S1-1
School (plaque) S4-3P
School Bus Stop Ahead S3-1
School Bus Turn Ahead S3-2
School Speed Limit When Flashing S5-1
School Times (plaque) S4-1P
School Zone Ahead (With Speed Limit) S4-5a
Seat Belt R16-1
Share the Road (plaque) (for use with W11 series signs) W16-1P
Sheep W11-17
Shoulder Drop Off (plaque) (for use with W8-17) W8-17P
Shoulder Drop Off (symbol) W8-17(L&R)
Shoulder Ends W8-25
Shoulder Work W21-5
Side Road Intersection W2-2(L&R)
Sidewalk Closed R9-9
Sidewalk Closed Ahead Cross Here R9-11
Sidewalk Closed Cross Here R9-11a
Sidewalk Closed Use Other Side R9-10
Signal Ahead W3-3
Signals Set for (Speed) I1-1
Skaters Permitted D11-3
Skewed Railroad Crossing W10-12(L&R)
Slippery When Wet W8-5
Slippery When Wet (plaque) (for use with W8-10) W8-10P
Slippery When Wet (Bicycle) W8-10
Slow (on Stop/Slow Paddle) W20-8
Slow Moving Vehicle W21-4
Slow Traffic Ahead W23-1
Slow Vehicle Turnout (Distance) D17-7
Slow Vehicles Must Turn Out R4-14
Slow Vehicles Must Use Turnout R4-12
Slow Vehicles Use Turnout Ahead R4-13
Slower Traffic Keep Right R4-3
Snowmobile W11-6
Soft Shoulder W8-4
South (Auxiliary) M3-3
Speed Fine (plaque) R2-6bP
Speed Hump W17-1
Speed Limit R2-1
Speed Limit With Minimum Speed R2-4a
Speed Zone Ahead W3-5a
State Highway Route M1-5
Stay In Lane R4-9
Steel Deck (plaque) (for use with W8-5) W8-5bP
Steel Plate Ahead W8-24
Stop R1-1
Stop Ahead W3-1
Stop Ahead Pay Toll (plaque) W9-6aP
Stop Ahead Pay Toll (Price) W9-6a
Stop Here For Pedestrians R1-5c
Stop Here For Peds R1-5b
Stop Here On Flashing Red R10-14b
Stop Here On Red R10-6
Stop Here On Red R10-6a
Stop Here When Flashing R8-10
Stop Here When Flashing R8-10a
Straight Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-3
Straight Only R3-5a
Street Name D3-1
Street Name (1 line) (plaque) W16-8P
Street Name (2 line) (plaque) W16-8aP
Street Name with Route D3-1a
Supplemental Advance Arrow (plaque) W16-6P(L&R)
Supplemental Arrow (plaque) W16-5P(L&R)
Survey Crew W21-6

T Intersection W2-4
Take Ticket (plaque) R3-30P
Taxi Lane (plaque) (for use with R3-5, R3-6 series signs) R3-5dP
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf D9-21
Telephone D9-1
Temp (Auxiliary) M4-7a
Temporary (Auxiliary) M4-7
This Side Of Sign (plaque) R7-202P
Time Limit Parking (Times) R7-108
Times Of Day (plaque) R8-3hP
To (Auxiliary) M4-5
To Oncoming Traffic (plaque) R1-2aP
To Request Green Wait On Bicycle Symbol R10-22
Toll (Auxiliary) M4-15
Toll Collector M4-17
Toll Only (Overhead) R3-44
Toll or HOV Only (Overhead) R3-44a
Toll Rate R3-28
Tourist Information D9-10
Tow Away Zone (symbol) (plaque) R7-201P
Tow Away Zone (word message) (plaque) R7-201aP
Town Limit I-2
Tracks Out Of Service R8-9
Traffic Circle (plaque) W16-12P
Traffic Control Point EM-3
Traffic From Left Does Not Stop (plaque) W4-4aLP
Traffic From Right Does Not Stop (plaque) W4-4aRP
Traffic Laws Photo Enforced R10-18
Traffic Signal Photo Enforced R10-18a
Trail Crossing W11-15a
Trail X-ing (plaque) (for use with W11-15) W11-15P
Trailer Camping D9-3a
Train Station I-7
Trains May Exceed 80 MPH W10-8
Trauma Center (plaque) D9-13dP
Travel Info Call 511 D12-5a
Travel Info Call 511 (pictograph) D12-5
Truck (warning) W11-10
Truck (Auxiliary) M4-4
Truck Crossing W8-6
Truck Escape Ramp W7-4c
Truck Lane (Distance) D17-2
Truck Parking D9-16
Truck Rollover W1-13(L&R)
Truck Route R14-1
Truck Speed (plaque) R2-2P
Trucks Use Lower Gear (plaque) W7-2bP
Trucks Use Right Lane R4-5
Tsunami Evacuation Route EM-1a
Turn W1-1(L&R)
Turn Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-1(L&R)
Turn Off 2-Way Radio and Cell Phone W22-2
Turn On Headlights R16-8
Turn On Headlights (Distance) R16-7
Turn Only R3-5
Turning Vehicles Yield To Pedestrians R10-15(L&R)
Two Direction Large Arrow W1-7
Two Way Left Turn Only (overhead) R3-9a
Two Way Left Turn Only (Post-mount) R3-9b
Two Way Traffic W6-3
Two-Direction Diagonal Turn Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-5(L&R)
Two-Direction Left / Right Turn Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-4
Two-Direction Straight / Diagonal Turn Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-7(L&R)
Two-Direction Straight / Turn Arrow (Auxiliary) M6-6(L&R)

U And Left Turns (Arrow) R3-25a
U And Left Turns (Diagonal Arrow) R3-24a
U And Left Turns (Straight Arrow) R3-26
U Turn (Arrow) R3-25b
U Turn (Diagonal Arrow) R3-24b
U Turn (Straight Arrow) R3-26a
U Turns From Right Lane R3-23a
U-turn Yield To Right Turn R10-16
Uneven Lanes W8-11
Unless Otherwise Posted (plaque) R2-5P
US Bicycle Route M1-9
US Highway Route M1-4
Use Crosswalk (plaque) R9-3bP
Use Lane(s) With Green Arrow R10-8
Use Low Gear (plaque) W7-2P
Use Next Crossing (plaque) (for use with W10 series signs) W10-14aP
Utility Work (Distance) W21-7

Van Accessible (plaque) R7-8P
Van Accessible (plaque) D9-6P
Vehicle Ferry Terminal I-9
Vehicles Per Green R10-28
Vehicles Per Green Each Lane R10-29

Wait On Stop R1-7
Walk On Left Facing Traffic R9-1
Weather Information D12-1
Weigh Station R13-1
Weigh Station (Diagonal Arrow) D8-3
Weigh Station (Distance) D8-1
Weigh Station Next Right D8-2
Weight Limit R12-1
Weight Limit - Axle & Gross R12-4
Weight Limit (symbols) R12-5
Welfare Center (Arrow) EM-6b
West (Auxiliary) M3-4
When Children Are Present (plaque) S4-2P
When Flashing (plaque) W16-13P
When Flashing (plaque) S4-4P
When Wet (plaque) (for use with W8-5) W8-5P
Winding Road W1-5(L&R)
Wireless Internet D9-22
Work Zone (plaque) (for use with R2-1 Speed Limit sign) G20-5aP
Workers (symbol) W21-1
Workers (word message) W21-1a
Wrong Way R5-1a


Y Intersection W2-5
Yield R1-2
Yield Ahead W3-2
Yield Here To Pedestrians R1-5a
Yield Here To Peds R1-5


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